Imp is a Garden/Volcano Type creature in Tiny Castle. It is one of the first Garden/Volcano creatures you will be able to obtain and place in your Castle. This Imp represents all Garden/Volcano creatures and hybrids to start!

 Tiny Castle Imp Baby Breeding Time: 7 Hours 15 Min
Hatching Time: 7 Hours 15 Min
Buying Price: 450 Jewels
Selling Price:
 4355 coins
Home: Garden/Volcano
“A mix of garden and volcano magic, the Imp is a perilous creature to cross. Their teeth are sharp and, though golden in color, far harder than the metal. Imps are great moralists, and believe in teaching lessons where they see them as due. With a sense of humor similar to the Cactus Dryad, it becomes impossible not to mention that they occasionally light things on fire for fun.”
Game Description
Tuck In Time:  2 Hours
Tuck In Time:  2 Hours

How to Summon Imp

To summon Imp into your Castle, you must use the the Enchanted Tree which will allow you to combine two different creatures to summon a hybrid creature.

You need to use the Phoenix and the Garden Nymph in the Enchanted Tree to summon for this creature. Breed time is 7 Hours 15 Min.

Non-Effecting factors

  • Summon Selections (Left or Right) doesn’t matter
  • Level of your creatures
  • Decorations
  • Coins//Food//Jewels//Dust all does not matter

Imp Evolution

There are a total of two evolution process in the game and four stages. That means you will evolve two times but there are four different forms from egg to adult.

Lets begin talking about the egg.

Your creatures will begin with the egg when your breed for a creature and at this stage you’ll have to wait until it hatches in your nursery slot.

Once your egg hatches you will not have the baby form of the creature and you’ll have to place the creature into a home. Once you do the baby means the creature is at its youngest form.

When you feed your creature to the end of level 4 which will mean that he has maxed out his current stage you’ll need to then evolve him using the Dream Tower (purchased from market). It will take some time before your creature is evolved and this is called the Tuck in Time.

Once your creature comes out of its evolution process, you will now have a Teen creature which is stronger. Your creature can evolve once more at the end of level 7 which will turn him into an adult and become even strong! At level 10 is the max level for your creature.

Imp Earnings

Level Food Earnings
Level 1 20  10  9 6
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10

Imp  Evolution

Tiny Castle Imp BabyTiny Castle Imp TeenTiny Castle Imp Adult


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5 Responses to Imp

  1. Can you help? Our Phoenix and garden nymph are incompatible. We have been trying to breed a nymph but cannot get the required creatures to breed. Is this a glitch?

  2. will says:

    phoenix and garden nymph wont produce an imp. they cant breed at all.

  3. gwen says:

    To summon an imp it says to use a phoenix and a garden nymph however the game will not let me select both creatures meaning if I select the phoenix I cannot select the garden nymph and vice-versa. Is there a trick?

  4. Elliott says:

    This is BS those do not combine.

  5. Rose says:

    The Phoenix and the Garden Nymph cannot be summoned to the Enchanted Tree. Their magics “cannot be mixed.”

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