Centaur is a Forest Type creature in Tiny Castle. It is one of the first Forest creatures you will be able to obtain and place in your Castle. This Centaur represents all Forest creatures and hybrids to start!

 Centaur Baby Breeding Time: 5 Min
Hatching Time: 5 Min
Buying Price: 180 coins
Selling Price:
 18 coins
Home: Forest
“The vacant expression of the Centaur is sometimes mistaken for foolishness, but it is merely an accident of evolution. Although they enjoy such agressive pursuits as uprooting trees, rugby and kick-the-rock, they are proud creatures who claim lineage with Chiron, teacher of heroes and a noted astronomer. Though frequently described as half man and half horse, we should like to point out that the horse part represents about two thirds of the mass of a Centaur.”
Game Description
Tuck In Time:  1  Hour
Tuck In Time:  1  Hour

How to Summon Centaur

You can purchase the Centaur in the store for 180 coins.

Centaur Evolution

There are a total of two evolution process in the game and four stages. That means you will evolve two times but there are four different forms from egg to adult.

Lets begin talking about the egg.

Your creatures will begin with the egg when your breed for a creature and at this stage you’ll have to wait until it hatches in your nursery slot.

Once your egg hatches you will not have the baby form of the creature and you’ll have to place the creature into a home. Once you do the baby means the creature is at its youngest form.

When you feed your creature to the end of level 4 which will mean that he has maxed out his current stage you’ll need to then evolve him using the Dream Tower (purchased from market). It will take some time before your creature is evolved and this is called the Tuck in Time.

Once your creature comes out of its evolution process, you will now have a Teen creature which is stronger. Your creature can evolve once more at the end of level 7 which will turn him into an adult and become even strong! At level 10 is the max level for your creature.

Centaur Earnings

Level Food Coins per Level Courage Attack
Level 1  10  8  12  7
Level 2  25  9  12  7
Level 3  35  10  12  7
Level 4  45  11  12  7
Level 5  55  12  12  7
Level 6  65  15  17  10
Level 7  75  19  17  10
Level 8  85  26  20  11
Level 9  95  35  25  14
Level 10  46  25  14

Centaur  Evolution

Centaur BabyCentaur TeenCentaur Adult


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